Why Us

Why Hear Now?

Hear Now is an independently owned and operated hearing service provider. We specialize in providing treatment on a no out-of-pocket treatment basis for individuals with noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Since commencing operations in 1995, the team at Hear Now has made life better for thousands of hard working individuals with an industrial deafness injury sustained from working in a noisy job.

Making Life Better

Hear Now is proud to have made life better for thousands of hard working individuals injured in this way.

Many of the individuals we have helped were unaware that they were experiencing industrial deafness, or realized that failure to treat hearing loss early enough can lead to serious consequences, such as early onset of dementia, auditory deprivation and depression. It has also been a pleasant surprise that treatment is available on a no out-of-pocket basis.

Treatment is provided by our team of caring, qualified and licensed clinicians.

Hear Now does not have an expensive retail operation or large overheads to cover, therefore, we don’t need to upsell you devices to operate a commercially viable business. Whilst we would be happy to explain the options for best treating your hearing loss/tinnitus condition, we are committed to honoring our pledge to provide the best solution available on a no out-of-pocket basis. You will never be pressured by anyone in Hear Now to take and pay for a top-up device – ever!

Cutting edge technology has enabled us to provide masking treatment to help ease the troubling effects experienced by tinnitus sufferers.

How Hear Now has made lives better

“I am very happy with the hearing aids. Finally I can hear everything! I can hear TV clearly and everything that I coudn’t before!”

Bernardo B.

“Thank you for clarifying everything to me. No one until now did have the time to explain things, how it all works apart from you, thank you.”

Peter P.